Thursday, August 13, 2009

iPhone 3G-s

The iPhone is the most successful mobile device released on the last few years. Since its inception, the iPhone has catched the attention of many consumers, who think that the features and quality of the iPhone make it a well advised purchase.

Apple launched an update to the original iPhone in 2009. The new version of the iPhone, named iPhone 3G-S is full of new features that will compel many to upgrade to this new version.

Advanced Features

Here is a list of features of the iPhone 3G-S that are making it a huge success among iPhone fans:

  • Voice commands: with the iPhone 3G-S you can use voice commands to execute functions on the mobile device. For example, you can initiate new calls, run programs, and change settings, such as the output levels.
  • Video camera: the iPhone 3G-S can be used to record video, in addition to photographs. The embedded camera provides a few hours of video recording.
  • Improved speed: the iPhone 3G-S uses a new processor that is almost the double of the speed of the original one.
  • Safety features: with the iPhone 3G-S, you can make sure that only authorized viewers can access your data. One of the features will delete everything in the device using a remote command! With this command, you can avoid that a thieth access your personal data.

With all these features, the iPhone 3G-S is showing up as strong new product. People are already showing that they love this mobile device.